when i am not behind the camera i am at home with my doggo rocket, at disneyland eating a churro, out camping with my family or watching twilight for the millionth time (bella, where you been loca?). i am forever changing hair colors and extremely impulsive - will literally make a huge purchase without thinking or wake up and go get a tattoo.. YOLO right? (are the kids still saying that???). i am an introvert but can be extroverted, care-free and don't take myself too seriously! 

i've been photographing humans in love for the past 10 years (holy shit!) i've always said i've had the best job in the world because it hardly feels like work and i am doing what i LOVEas a little girl my parents would document my childhood in the form of photos and videos and it's one of the things i treasure till this day - 27 years later. being a photographer was something that was definitely not in my plan 10 year plan after high school but so glad i decided to quit going to college and quit working dead end jobs to pursue my passion and teach myself everything i know about photography. I am a stage 5 clinger and after your session with me you will not be able to get rid of me. so if you fucks with my vibe and love my work let's be friends and make some art! 

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      hype woman and bff

my name is jasmine jeanette

big sur 
new york
tulum mexico

Bucket List

May / San Fran 
June / Oregon
august / mammoth 


travel schedule

i love spending time with my family, friends and other creatives!

adam driver has my heart.. he just doesn't know it 

my happy place is swimming in a lake or at disneyland



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