My name is jasmine.
A wedding photographer and Nostalgia OBSESSED MILLENNIAL 

I feel like picking a photographer for your wedding day must feel like online dating. So if you want someone who takes documenting your wedding day personal, who is an advocate for celebrating YOUR day however the hell you want and want a documentary style approach to photos I am your girl. 

I am just a hopeless romantic with a camera and a heart that beats for genuine love so let me capture yours. 

Jasmine Jeanette


Q1.  What is one song that should be played at weddings?


Q2. What is your favorite line from a movie?

"Bella! Where the hell you been loca?!!"

Q3.  What's a hidden quirk that not many people know about you?

I am double jointed and can bend my index finger all the way back. I love to freak people out muahahaha.

Q4. Whats a favorite memory of yours?

Being hired to photograph an elopement in Kauai, Hawaii and being able to bring my parents along with me. It made the trip extra special for not only myself but also my couple who ended up loving my parents. 

am a proud dog mom, zodiac reading, tik tok obsessed, twenty  some year old millennial with a 


a camera who loves documenting everything and everyone. I am such a "look at the moon person" and someone who always takes photos of sunsets.  When I am not documenting couples in love you can find me hanging out with friends, watching Twilight for the 100th time, camping under the stars, swimming in a lake, or out on the road driving my Honda CR-V that I’ve named Sheila. 

I come from a blend of cultures, being proudly half Salvadoran and Mexican. Family is the most important thing for me and coming from a big one (I am 6 out of 8 kids), I know the importance of documenting those precious people and moments on your wedding day. Growing up my parents were always documenting my childhood either with a camera or camcorder. Being able to look back on those precious memories and getting that rush of nostalgia that consumes you is literally the reason why I wanted to become a photographer. 


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